11 Super Simple Home Remedies to Treat Bags Under Your Eyes

Mental and physical stress, genetics, dermatitis, fatigue, irregular sleep pattern, and an unhealthy lifestyle are some of the primary causes of puffy, droopy, and worn out eyes. People with eyes that look forever tired often find baggy eyes incredibly frustrating more so on big days and important occasions. While several spa and beauty and cosmetic treatments claim to ease all the puffiness and the bags under your eyes, these are usually either too expensive or completely ineffective. Here are some super easy home remedies that would not only treat bags under your eyes but would help you feel fresher and happier.

Keep yourself hydrated
Water is indeed an elixir of life. Therefore, having plenty of water is the best remedy for puffy eyes. Once your body is fully hydrated, the possibility of water retention under the eyes and on other parts of the body also reduces. Drinking enough water, therefore, helps flush out all the toxins from the body, keeping you fit and active all day long. In addition to increased water intake, bags under your eyes can also be treated by reducing the amount of salt consumption and avoiding caffeine or carbonated drinks that can lead to dehydration, water retention, and puffiness.

Use cold spoons
This is a simple home remedy that works wonderfully well on tired eyes by tightening up the skin around it. Placing chilled spoons can help ease stress and soothe the blood vessels around the eyes. Once the cold spoons turn warm, make sure you replace them with a cold one. Repeat the process until you feel the bags under your eyes have become fully relaxed.

Don’t throw used tea bags
That’s right! Used tea bags can help relieve puffy eyes and make them stress-free and refreshed. Tea bags have anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory properties that can contribute to reducing eye bags, redness, and all sorts of inflammation. You can place tea bags in the refrigerator for half an hour and put the tea bags over your eyelids. Repeating the process a few times a day can surely bring useful results.

Apply grated or sliced potatoes
Potatoes too have anti-inflammatory and bleaching properties that help relieve heaviness, puffiness, and bags under your eyes. For dark circle free eyes, apply a paste of grated potatoes over your eyelids or place slices of potatoes. This remedy not only reduces puffiness but also eliminates dark circles for good.

Try egg whites
This is an age-old remedy to tighten skin and completely eradicate dark circles or baggy eyes. To apply the paste, beat the egg whites and apply them around your eyes using a brush and let it dry for about twenty minutes. Once the paste dries and begins to feel stiff, rinse your face with warm water. This remedy would not only give you puff free eyes, but also make your skin firm.

Give fresh butter a try
Itchy eyes, dry eyes, irritation, and dullness of the skin can successfully be reduced by applying fresh butter. Massaging your eyes with fresh butter will not only moisturize your skin but would also help absorb all the nutrients. Washing your face with warm water will further help you soothe all the fatigue from your eyes.

Chilled cucumbers are the way to go
Every beauty expert recommends it, every conscious client religiously follows it. Applying cucumber slices is one of the most common treatments for bags under the eyes. Cucumbers are known to have enzymes and astringents that have anti-inflammatory and skin tightening properties that can effectively treat tired eyes, eyes with dark circles, and wrinkled eyes. Refrigerated cucumber slices further help relieve excessive stress around the eyes.

Massage with vitamin E oil
Vitamin E oil is known to nourish the skin cells around your eyes if massaged in circular oils. The oil helps evade droopiness and fights early signs of aging. Grapeseed oil and Vitamin E both contain the goodness of antioxidants that not only helps your eyes stay fresh but also makes your skin younger and radiant like never before.

Use castor oil twice a week
Castor oil helps cure bags under your eyes, excessive swelling, and dark circles if used in moderation. You can use the oil to massage the area under your eyes and rinse them to get instant relief.

Chilled milk works well too
You can treat swollen and puffed up eyes by placing cotton pads dipped in chilled milk to cool the worked-up and tired eyelids. The best thing about applying chilled milk over the eyes is that it can give you instant relief from all types discomfort.

Consider some lifestyle changes
Apart from externally treating the issue, you can choose to incorporate some natural lifestyle habits to stop the issue from recurring permanently. Some of the activities that can significantly make a difference include exercising regularly, preventing allergies, limiting or eliminating alcohol consumption, quitting smoking, and the like.

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