4 Home Remedies That Aid in Atopic Dermatitis Treatment

Atopic dermatitis is a condition wherein the skin begins to look red and patchy. It is a skin condition that is persistent and affects a large population around the world. This chronic disease often begins during childhood and persists till adulthood. People suffering from atopic dermatitis are found to have a more sensitive skin and one that is easily affected by irritants.

This condition is of a special type that is an allergic sensitivity that is connected to inhalants, asthma, and allergies. In most cases, atopic dermatitis may be carried down through genes and thus, is a hereditary condition. The allergy leads the skin to peel and becomes inflamed, causing an appearance of redness, scaling, cracking, and formation of blisters. What may come across as dry skin initially, turns into atopic dermatitis over time. However, the skin condition is not contagious and does not pass from person to person. One should not have any reservations or concerns when dealing with a person who is suffering from this skin disorder.

Atopic dermatitis usually occurs among infants and younger individuals; however, it can affect people from any age group, sex, or race. The disease may become worse or better during some period. The days when the skin begins to look more inflamed and is worse, it is known as flares. Post this period, the allergic area may slowly look better and can also clear up with time. Many kids experience that their disease becomes better as they grow older; this period is known as remission. However, the skin may continue to feel sensitive and irritated.

Several factors can contribute to the worsening the condition of atopic dermatitis. Environmental factors such as allergic elements, soaps and detergents, and humidity can worsen or trigger inflammation altogether. Also, these factors can activate the condition in people who have inherited the disease from their ancestors.

There is no element or factor that is known to cause atopic dermatitis alone. It is a combination of environmental factors and genetics. There is a likelihood of a decreased quantity of filarian in the skin. This is a protein that maintains the hydration levels in the skin. Individuals who suffer from atopic dermatitis may have a weak immune system.

The symptoms that come with atopic dermatitis will differ from person to person. Areas such as the folds in the arms and legs, neck, and face are likely to be affected. There is an initial itching that occurs; however, scratching can make the condition worse. Upon noticing symptoms, it is necessary to quickly diagnose and undergo atopic dermatitis treatment. Leaving the condition unattended to can lead to further spread and complication. Although it is necessary to undergo treatment that is prescribed by a dermatologist, self-management and home remedies, like the following, too can help in atopic dermatitis treatment.

Coconut oil – This is one of the most common remedies that is used in atopic dermatitis treatment. Coconut oil, when applied to the surface of the affected area, moisturizes the skin. This helps in restoring the moisture that is lost and prevents further drying and flaking. It comes with benefits that are required to for the well-being of the skin. Before going ahead with this remedy, wash the area well and pat dry. Gently apply oil to the affected spot and let the oil penetrate inside.

Apply a cool pack – Cool compresses help in soothing the inflamed surface of the skin. This brings about a change in the itchiness and scaling that occurs during flares. It prevents one from scratching and spreading the infection further. Apply an ice bag every while for about 20 minutes and there will be a considerable difference in the condition.

Bleach bath – Diluted bleach is beneficial in lessening the formation of bacteria and infection on the skin. However, one must ensure that the bleach is diluted with a portion of water. A half cup of bleach must be added to a tub full of water. The body below the neck should be immersed in the tub. Washing of the affected area with this water can also help. The body must then be rinsed with clean water, pat dry, and moisturized. Following this routine every once in a week is a good way to aid in atopic dermatitis treatment.

Fish oil – Fish oil comes with several benefits and is also used in atopic dermatitis treatment. It repairs the skin and lessens the severity of the inflammation and itching. A person who suffers from atopic dermatitis is likely to have a lower rate of fatty acids and fish oil caters to this requirement. Consuming a teaspoon of fish oil daily will do the trick. Fish oil can also be consumed in the form of capsules that are easily available.

The above home remedies can be beneficial in atopic dermatitis treatment and can aid in relieving the symptoms of the condition altogether.

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