7 Effective Home Remedies for Quick Relief from Joint Pain

With growing age comes a string of other health issues that are known to give never-ending problems to an individual. One of the common issues that more than half the older section of the population suffers from is joint pain. However, the younger lot too can be affected by joint pain if they were ever injured in an accident or suffer from certain degenerative diseases.

Joint pains can occur in any part of the body, and as the name suggests, causes excruciating pain in the joints. The joints are what connects the bones throughout the body, and facilitates easy movement. Imagine a person’s plight if he cannot move around due to the excruciating pain in the joints. And the very fact that every joint in the body is susceptible to this condition makes it worse. Usually, it’s the process of aging or the onset of certain diseases that triggers joint pain in individuals.

Which diseases are characterized by joint pain?
Arthritis, gout arthritis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, bursitis, sprains, fractures, and other injuries can lead to severe joint pain. Since the pain becomes unbearable, people resort to taking Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) that are known to provide quick joint pain relief, but it comes with certain drawbacks. For instance, prolonged use of NSAIDs leads to the body becoming immune to its effects, or it can weaken the bones as well. As a result of this, people prefer going natural for gaining quick relief from joint pain.

Here are some amazing home remedies that will provide quick joint pain relief to the individual suffering from the same.

  • Hot and cold compress
    Usually, the pain in the joints is due to inflammation, an effective way of reducing the inflammation is by using hot and cold compress simultaneously. The heat will loosen the joints and get rid of the joint stiffness, and the cold compress will reduce the inflammation and swelling in the joints. Applying these packs simultaneously will ensure proper circulation to that area and relieve you from the pain.
  • Epsom salt
    One of the most effective remedies known to provide quick relief from any kind of pain is Epsom salt. Epsom salt contains magnesium in large quantities, and magnesium is known to aid the strengthening of the bones. Epsom salt is easily absorbed into the skin. Thus, it works effectively as a quick joint pain relief treatment. Prepare a bath with Epsom salt in it, and soak your body in it for 20 to 30 minutes. This will immediately reduce the joint pain.
  • Turmeric and ginger tea
    Turmeric and ginger, both possess anti-inflammatory properties, and combining the properties of both will be quite effective in providing quick joint pain relief. Prepare a tea for yourself which contains turmeric and ginger, and honey for taste. Turmeric is known to contain an active ingredient called curcumin, which is a powerful antioxidant and is instrumental in reducing the inflammation.
  • Dandelion leaves
    Recent researches prove that dandelion leaves are a potent source of vitamin A and C that are known to help heal damaged tissues and clear toxins from the blood. Also, it is known to contain anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce the pain in the joints. Crush a few dandelion leaves and boil it in water, also, add honey to sweeten this concoction. This dandelion tea will reduce the inflammation immediately and acts as a quick joint pain relief treatment.
  • Massages
    People usually get a massage to feel relaxed, and it works on a spiritual level too since it relieves people from the stress they carry around. However, massage also works quite well in relieving joint pain. Deep tissue massage improves the circulation to the affected joint and can dramatically reduce inflammation in that area. You can massage the affected area with the essential oil of your choice, but eucalyptus oil is the popular choice.
  • Peppermint eucalyptus oil blend
    If you have decided to massage some essential oil to seek quick joint pain relief, the peppermint eucalyptus oil blend will be a perfect choice. Both peppermint and eucalyptus are endowed with analgesic properties,i.e., pain-relieving properties. Mix these two essential oils with a carrier oil so that they don’t irritate the skin. Massage the resultant oil to the affected area, and you will feel relieved right away.
  • White willow tea
    White willow tea, also known as the natural aspirin, is widely popular for its medicinal properties that are quite similar to that of aspirin. Aspirin is known to combat pain and reduce inflammation in the joints and is used mostly for patients with arthritis. The white willow works wonders because it has an active ingredient called salicin. Since it is naturally-occurring salicin unlike the one in aspirin, it provides quick relief from joint pain without causing side-effects.

Since the remedies mentioned above are natural, they are devoid of side-effects. Although they provide quick joint pain relief, in the long run, exercises and an anti-inflammation diet will prove quite beneficial.

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