7 healthy dog food brands for your beloved pet

A healthy lifestyle combined with the right diet ensures that you stay healthy and ailment-free. Similarly, your four-legged friends need a similar routine to ensure that they can run around and stay healthy. If your dog eats home-made food, it’s great; but, they need more than just home-cooked food to stay fit and active. Choosing the right kind of dog food for your beloved canine can be a tough task as there are a plethora of dog food brands, and each has something great to offer. In addition to this, there are certain ingredients that are used in certain dog food brands that can cause more harm than good to your dog.

Since choosing the right healthy dog food for your pet can be a tough task, you can opt for one of these top dog food brands.

Zignature® Zssential Multi-Protein Formula Grain-Free Dry Dog Food
This is one of the best dry dog food brands as it is grain-free and is made using a multi-protein recipe. This dog food is high in protein, low in saturated fat, and contains essential Omega-3 fatty acids that are essential for a healthy heart. It even contains Vitamin B12 and Selenium, which is a good source of Riboflavin, Thiamin, Niacin, and Phosphorus. So, your beloved pooch won’t be deprived of essential minerals. Zignature® has the perfect ratio of fruits and vegetables that gives the dog food enough of antioxidants and fiber-rich low glycemic carbohydrates.

Taste of the Wild® High Prairie Grain-Free Dry Dog Food
Your canine should be active and for it to sustain its good health, it needs a diet that encompasses everything it needs. This dog food is somewhat inspired by your canine’s ancestors’ diet and this formula is loaded with real buffalo, roasted bison, chicken meal, sweet potatoes, and venison. The ingredients used to make this dry dog food won’t be detrimental to your pooch’s health. Instead, the lean meats used in the recipe will deliver optimum nutrition required to create and support strong muscles. This recipe even features a mix of healthy fruits and wholesome vegetables that resemble the diet of the wild.

Wellness CORE® Grain-Free Wild Game Formula
As the name indicates, this healthy dog food mimics the canine’s diet in the wild. Which is why it contains protein-rich duck, wild boar and rabbit, and healthy vegetables like broccoli, kale, and spinach. This formula strikes the right balance between meat and veggies and ensures that it appeals to your dog’s tastebuds and is good for its health at the same time. This particular type of Wellness dog food has about 54 percent more protein than the other Wellness Complete Health Adult Recipes. Moreover, to ensure that your pet doesn’t develop any allergies, this protein-formula is also potato-free, grain-free, and gluten-free as well.

Castor & Pollux® Organix Grain-Free Range Recipe with Raw Bites
This is one of the best dry dog foods as it contains real pieces of raw freeze-dried fish and this delivers the benefits of a raw diet in a safe and convenient manner. Moreover, natural chicken is the best ingredient in this formula and the Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids are instrumental in contributing to healthy skin and coat. Also, this formula includes minimally processed fruits and vegetables that ensure that your dog gets enough antioxidants and vitamins. This recipe does not make use of corn, wheat, soy, or any sort of artificial colors, preservatives, that can trigger an allergy in your pet.

Chicken Soup for the Soul® Adult Dry Dog Food
Here’s a dog food brand that is affordable yet allows your pet to make the most of its premium dry dog food formula. This dog food is made from a holistic, nutritious recipe which contains real chicken and turkey as their two main ingredients. Moreover, the kibbles feature protein-rich chicken and turkey meal along with complex carbohydrates from peas and barley brown rice. This innovative formula is fiber-based and even contains dried chicory root and other antioxidant-rich fruits as well.

ACANA® Heritage Meats Formula Grain-Free Dry Dog Food
This dry dog food from ACANA holds true to the brand’s heritage as a biologically appropriate diet which is rich in nutrients that are indispensable to the health of your pooch. This is a 5-star brand and its formula includes 60 percent beef, pork, and lamb ingredients and includes liver and tripe as well. The rest of the 40 percent consists of vegetables, fruits, and botanicals and zinc proteinate that is known to protect your pet’s peak health and immunity. This healthy dog food’s kibbles are infused with freeze-dried live and tripe for palatability. Moreover, this formula doesn’t make use of grains, potato, tapioca, glutens, or other plant protein concentrates.

Holistic Select® Adult Health Deboned Turkey & Lentils Recipe
This is an incredibly healthy dog food brand as it is committed to the highest standards of dog food safety. The brand’s safety measures are so stringent that it has resulted in zero recalls and has contributed to making it an award-winning brand. The formula used to make this dog food includes antioxidant-rich superfoods like blueberries and pomegranate to provide natural support to your pet’s cellular health. The deboned turkey and lentil recipe contains a source of life, naturally occurring microorganisms that are normally found in a healthy digestive tract. The lentils are a great source of fiber and contribute to your pet’s digestive health.

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