8 Effective Remedies for Restless Leg Syndrome

Willis-Ekbom disease, which is commonly termed as restless leg syndrome or RLS, is a common condition experienced by many people in the United States. As the name indicates, the problem occurs in the legs and makes it difficult to get him in a stationary position. People suffering from restless leg syndrome always get the urge for moving their legs. Though the condition can occur at any time of the day, it mostly develops from late afternoon or from the onset of evening. Reports indicate that patients suffering from restless leg syndrome experience the worst condition when they rest or sleep at night.

Restless leg syndrome, even though is restricted to the lower part of the body, is actually a neurological problem. The condition is caused and controlled by the brain. Therefore, getting a temporary remedy for the condition is not enough. To get complete relief, one needs to treat the condition from within. Some of the restless leg syndrome remedies have been mentioned below:

Iron intake – In many cases, it has been found that people with a low iron content in their blood are susceptible to this condition. If you are also among them, you need to increase the intake foods, which are rich in iron; this can prove to be a great restless leg syndrome remedy. Apart from that, you can also get some iron supplements, which are available at different pharmacies. Restless leg syndrome improves as the iron level of your body is balanced. Yet, digesting the iron supplements can be a bit difficult initially and you may develop irregular bowel syndromes. However, do not stop the intake as the side-effects will fade in due course of time.

Bring some changes in your lifestyle – Restless leg syndrome can be a lifestyle disease as well. If it is the case with you, then it is recommended to bring some positive changes to your lifestyle. Follow a routine to maintain a healthy diet plan and increase the intake of fresh food instead of junks or frozen items. Also, get proper sleep as excess stress can lead to a discomfort in your leg.

Regular workout is important – Many people have a common misconception that adequate sleep or rest is a great restless leg syndrome remedy. To maintain the health of your joints and bones, it is important for you to strengthen them by practicing regular workouts. Exercise at least for 15–30 minutes every day to find an improvement. You can also opt for Tai Chi classes or yoga classes for healing the discomfort in your legs.

Abstinence from drinking, smoking, or caffeine – Almost everyone is aware of the statutory warning that smoking can be injurious to your health. However, there are few, who actually abide by the guidelines. If you want to treat the condition of your restless legs, it is important for you to avoid drinking as well as smoking. Even if you get some drinks or smoke occasionally in the daytime, you should abstinence completely from these completely. It is also recommended to avoid tea or any kind of caffeine beverages.

Know your medicines – Apart from lifestyle changes, you also need to be careful about the medicines you take. Some people get restless leg syndrome as a side-effect of medicines. If you too are among them, it is important for you to consult the doctor and get the medicines altered.

Leg massage – Regular massage of your limbs can be considered as a restless leg syndrome remedy as it helps in treating the condition permanently. However, to get the best results, you need to massage your legs by an experienced masseur/masseuse and not by a layman.

Use an ice pack, hot pack, or hot bath – Apart from regular massage, you can also apply hot pack or ice pack to your legs and get the condition healed gradually. Many people have opted for a hot bath to deal with this disorder.

Engage yourself in different activities – As restless leg syndrome is controlled by the brain, you can always try and engage yourself in different activities. This will keep your brain diverted in some other way and you slowly forget about the discomfort in your leg. However, it is not any permanent measure and offers temporary relief.

In case, you cannot find any significant improvement in your leg condition with the above-mentioned restless leg syndrome remedies, you can consult a doctor and take his advice.

As there is no medical examination to detect the cause of restless leg syndrome, patients are mostly treated based on their physical conditions. Therefore, before adopting any of the restless leg syndrome remedies mentioned above, it is important to learn whether you have developed the condition as a chronic disease or just as a side-effect of any medicine. Pregnancy is also another important factor leading to restless leg syndrome and generally gets cured after the baby is delivered. However, in some women, the condition continues even after the birth of the child and consulting the gynecologist is important.

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