8 Effective Ways to Naturally Treat Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are swollen blood vessels in the anal canal. External hemorrhoids refer to enlarged vein beneath the surface of the anal skin and internal hemorrhoids refer to an enlarged vein of the anal skin. You can see and feel external hemorrhoids as the blood clot surrounds the surface of the anus. A hemorrhoid is generally not serious but is a painful condition.

The most common causes of hemorrhoids are long sitting in the toilet, chronic constipation, and straining during the bowel movements. These enlarge the veins of the surface of the anus causing hemorrhoids. This is because they disturb the blood flow to and from anus resulting in swollen blood vessels. Constipation tightens the muscle of the anal canal that is generally smooth in nature. This strain causes pain and bleeding during the bowel movement. The connective tissue that connects the anus muscle also weakens with age thereby increasing the swelling outside the surface. When you pressurize the veins of the pelvic and rectal area, it can also lead to hemorrhoids as the muscle tightens.

There are four main symptoms of hemorrhoids
Itching: Itching around the surface of the anus. This is because hemorrhoids cause swelling and irritation in the rectal area, making you itch to feel better. However, the symptoms get worse with itching as we don’t know how clean our hand is and disturbing the swelling makes the anus grow further.

Pain: Constant pain around the anus. The hemorrhoids result in affecting the anus and rectal areas. Since they are external in nature, you will feel the pain outside during bowel movements or strain. The pain is not serious but can get unbearable at times.

Swelling: Swelling of the anal skin causes lumps. These lumps are blood clots that cause swelling and pain. However, because they are external, they can be seen and felt. Lumps when increase causes pus around the anus making the symptoms worse.

Bleeding: Bleeding after using the washroom. If you find thick blood stains on the stool then you are suffering from the case of external hemorrhoids that is mainly caused due to weaker digestive track which is abnormal in nature.

Natural hemorrhoid treatments differ from person to person depending on the severity and body type. Below are certain remedies to cure the swollen blood vessels:

Fiber foods
One of the simplest natural hemorrhoid treatments is to consume more fiber foods as they are known to soften the anal muscles. Once the anal muscles soften, there will not be much pressure on the hemorrhoids thus reducing the swelling and the pain at the time of bowel movement.

Aloe vera
Aloe vera reduces the inflammation and provides a soothing effect on the skin. There is no evident research on aloe vera but it is one of the natural hemorrhoid treatments that doctors recommend. You are also advised to apply in its most natural form rather than made into a cream or a gel.

Tea tree oil
Tea tree oil has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce itching of the skin. However, it takes about 2–3 weeks time to see the change after applying this oil.

Sitz baths
Sitz baths are known as soothing baths. It is usually bathing with warm water to relieve you from irritation and itching and is mainly for the buttocks and hips. Some pharmacies sell small plastic tubs that fit the pot where one can sit filling them with lukewarm water. A 20-minute sitz bath after a bowel movement is one of the most recommended natural hemorrhoid treatments.

Flavonoids are natural plant compounds found in vegetables. When you consume them, your veins are strengthened, thereby preventing any swelling. They also stabilize the functions of the veins and are mainly found in oranges and lemons.

Don’t sit, prefer squatting
Research shows that hemorrhoids are mainly seen in developing countries as people there sit to use the washroom. They sit during a bowel movement that causes intense strain and pressure on the veins. This is not usually recommended and the easiest remedy is to squat rather than sit.

Witch hazel
Witch hazel is one of the oldest tree and one of the best known natural hemorrhoid treatments. It contains antiseptic properties and is used widely in rural areas. Soaking the cotton ball with the witch hazel substances and applying on the swelling helps you instantly.

Bathroom habits
If you have a bowel movement and want to use the washroom then don’t control as that will strain your veins. Likewise, if you do not have and want to push it, then that is also not advisable as it will pressurize the veins. Bathroom habits should be natural and monitored in case of bleeding.

Natural hemorrhoid treatments are best as hemorrhoids, in general, do not hurt but they bleed and pain terribly. So, any natural treatment should be taken if it suits your skin and the severity of hemorrhoid. These treatments relieve you of the pain almost immediately and also reduce the swelling.

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