9 Crucial Things to Know Before Buying Plantar Fasciitis Inserts

Plantar fasciitis inserts are orthotic devices used to relieve the stress from plantar fascia during standing or walking. These devices can be ordered with prescription and even without it. Most plantar fasciitis inserts are made of plastic, rubber, silicone, polyethylene foams, thermoplastics, or felt. Most plantar fasciitis inserts are made of soft support for the arches and heel cups. People with heel issues use these inserts as shock absorbers when walking. These ease pressure from the heels and heal any aches associated with abnormal pronation.

Plantar fasciitis inserts are used by people with unusual foot size or shape. While these inserts are available without a prescription, many people with specific foot issues get these inserts custom made on prescription. Custom made inserts are more expensive and are made especially on order.

If you are someone who has foot support issues and need help with high arches, flat feet, and the like, you could either purchase generic plantar fasciitis inserts or consult a doctor and get a prescription on the orthotic device most suitable for you. Those who buy plantar fasciitis must keep the tips listed below in mind before making the purchase.

Diagnose your foot issue
Before buying plantar fasciitis inserts, it is always a good idea to get a complete sense of your foot type and the issue associated with it. If you are buying inserts for specific foot issues, consulting a specialist for options can be a wise choice.

Research well
Before going to a store and impulsively buying a faulty pair of inserts, it is better to sit back and dedicate some time to conduct an elaborate research. You could begin looking at orthotic insole websites and educate yourself about the sundry options available, select the ones that suit your condition, and narrow the choices down.

Consider the type of shoe you need it for
Plantar fasciitis inserts come for several types of shoes including boots, running shoes, casual footwear, support slippers, and the like. While some plantar fasciitis inserts fit all types of shoes and work boots, it is important that you select the insert type based on your requirements. If you need inserts for your casual shoes, you could go for brands that specifically design plantar fasciitis inserts that are ideal for slip-on shoes and shoes with a low or flat heel. These casual inserts are not only extremely comfortable but also provide the perfect solution for a backache, knee pain, heel pain, and aching legs. Similarly, athletes, runners, or people who tend to walk more than 5kms a day should buy inserts that are made of soft, cushioned PU gel and are more durable.

Ensure they have all the relevant features
The purpose of plantar fasciitis inserts is to support the heel and guard the heel in case of impact. It is, therefore, important that you buy inserts that act as a comfortable cradle for your heels. In addition to the comfort, ensure the inserts are strong, springy, and supportive with durable casing from heel to toe. One of the most important aspects of plantar fasciitis is to buy an insole which is heat and slip resistant and is made of fabric that keeps it dry.

Price is not the ultimate parameter
While many of us associate high price with superior quality, this may not always be the case. When it comes to plantar fasciitis inserts, the price should not be a deciding factor since the markets are flooded with cheap quality inserts at sky-high prices. It is, therefore, essential that you choose an insert based on your requirements, the material used, and comfort instead of sheer price. While many $70 inserts are found to be useless, many customers find great comfort, support, and durability in inserts that cost as little as $20.

Don’t settle for the cheapest option either
While buying the most expensive option may not be a prudent decision, it is also important that you do not buy a certain insert merely because of its economical price.

Buy from a recognized brand
Often people buy cheap quality inserts online that often do not solve the purpose. It is always better to buy plantar fasciitis inserts from reputed brands to ensure good quality and ensured warranty on each product.

Comfort is the absolute marker
People buy plantar fasciitis inserts for sheer comfort and support; it is, therefore, most logical to purchase a product only if it is a 100% comfortable. Buying shoe inserts that are uncomfortable defeat the very purpose of plantar fasciitis inserts. You can successfully gauge whether a particular insert is comfortable by ensuring the fit is appropriate.

Go through popular reviews
Many orthotic websites and e-commerce sites have customer reviews and ratings to help buyers make an informed decision. While customer reviews help you determine the pros and cons of a product, those reviewed by experts help you find popular brands, best prices, and more.

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