9 Ways to Get Immediate Pain Relief from Gout

Gout is a type of arthritis condition that is caused by excess production of uric acid crystals in the joints. When metabolism breaks down the food, uric acid is produced from the cells and the food we eat. Kidneys filter the uric acid through the urine. A small part of the uric acid passes out from stool as well. So, if there is an excess production of uric acid, kidneys are not able to pass it out through urine or stool, and that is when it remains in the blood. The uric acid then gets deposited in the form of crystals in joints. When uric acid builds up in the body and gets deposited in joints, it forms gout. Gout is considered as one of the most painful forms of arthritis. Back in the day, it was a disease that occurred mostly in men who had crossed the age of 50, but now women and children too are affected by the same disease mainly because of the food habits and consumption of excess animal protein and fats.

In most cases, it is the big toe that gets affected by gout first. When there is a gout, the person will feel immense pain in that area. There is swelling, redness, heat, and stiffness in joints. Gout can affect a person’s ankles, heels, knees, wrists, fingers, in steps, and elbows. The pain is usually very intense, and the affected person is not able to walk.

There are ways to treat gout, but not all methods give immediate pain relief from Gout. However, here are some methods to get an immediate pain relief:

Pain relievers
When there is a sudden gout attack, none of the long term measures that you have been asked to take will help, especially when you have just started a new diet and other treatments. In this case, a pain reliever tablet is the best way to curb pain immediately.

Apply ice
For an immediate pain relief from gout, apply ice to the affected area. It will ease the inflammation and the pain that comes with it. Though the relief will depend on the density of the pain, if it is unbearable, then a doctor’s help is required. You can crush multiple cubes of ice together and wrap the crushed ice in plastic or a piece of cloth and apply in the affected area. If you do not have ice at the moment, a bag full of frozen peas can be effective as well.

Doctor’s help
As mentioned in the above point, if the pain is unbearable and none of the methods are working, the call your doctor and take professional medical help to curb down the pain. The condition could be worse than and home remedies might not apply this is the situation. Doctors usually give an injection of corticosteroid, and that gives an immediate pain relief from gout.

Raise your foot
If the pain is moderate and not immense, then keeping your foot at a higher level than your body will help with immediate pain relief from gout. To make this more effective, if gout is there in your leg then elevate your leg higher than your chest, and you might feel the pain decreasing.

Do not stress
You have a serious problem, but it can be treated with time. In situations where you have pain, try not to take stress about it as it may worsen the current problem. To distract your mind, watch a film or listen to your favorite music or talk to a friend and keep yourself occupied with something you enjoy going and does not require body movements.

Follow the right diet
You probably have a diet by now, and you may want to start following it strictly. It may not give you an immediate pain relief from gout but will help you treat the disease sooner. Gout occurs mostly because of the wrong diet, and one of the most effective ways to treat is by correcting the diet.

Do not stress the leg of the body part
Gout mostly affects the joint and in most cases, affect your legs. Movement in the leg can also cause pain and to get immediate pain relief from gout; you can use a cane while moving, so the legs are not entirely pressurized with the body weight.

Do not put any weight on the affected joint
Try to keep your affected area as light as possible. Even the weight of a blanket or a bed sheet and aggravate the pain and can cause major discomfort. Control the temperature of the room, so you do not have to use a blanket. If the pain is moderate, then this can help you get an immediate pain relief from gout.

Keep yourself hydrated
It is essential to keep one hydrated. It will flush out all the uric acid and even prevent kidney stones. Drink enough liters of water as per your body weight and as per you have been told by your doctor. Water does not cause an immediate pain relief for gout, but it will keep the heavy pain from occurring till you treat the disease completely.

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