Basics of Adult Acne Treatment That You Need To Know

If your teenage daughter is moaning over her zits, wondering how to get rid of pimples and acne, you should help her find the best adult acne treatments.

Adult acne is not an incurable condition. It is treatable, and with proper skin care and adult acne treatment, she can still have a blemish free face. And, yes, men can suffer from adult acne too.

Adult Acne
If you like numbers, a recent study revealed that around 50.9% of women in their 20s, and 42.5% of men in the same age group, suffer from adult acne.
Women suffer more because of their menstrual cycles and periodic hormonal fluctuations.

Adult Acne Causes
In adults, acne occurs more around the mouth and jawline rather than the upper part of the face. Adult acne treatment includes creams that are specific for the skin type and other factors. However, what worked in your teens may not work on the breakouts you suffer from in your 20s.

The Various Causes

Hormonal Imbalances
In both men and women, mainly hormonal fluctuations cause acne. As women have to go through monthly menstrual cycles, their hormones suffer from more chaos. Male hormones, called androgens, increase the production of skin oil. Overproduction of sebum can result in blocked pores and eventually breakouts.

Stress Can Cause Acne
When your body is stressed, your adrenal gland releases cortisol, and along with it, a little testosterone. So, there is an increased chance for blocked pores and breakouts.

Have a Sweet Tooth? Don’t Indulge It
If you crave sweets, the spike in sugar levels also raises insulin levels. Studies have shown that insulin, just like androgen hormones, can increase the production of skin oils, creating blocked pores and acne.

Some Food Items
Chocolates, nuts and other specific foods, might trigger acne breakout in certain individuals. Doctors also advise that those who suffer from acne should reduce or eliminate iodine-rich food in their regular diet because iodine can build up in the body and then trigger a breakout.

There are other causes like—pollution, using wrong facial products like rich creamy products for the oily face. Acne can also be caused by too much cleansing, which dries the skin and this signals the body to produce more sebum.

Adult Acne Treatment

  • There are OTC products that contain benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid that help clear the skin of acne. However, do not use products advertised for teens.
  • Salicylic acid is the most common ingredient in most adult acne treatment products. It clears your skin from dead cells and also unplugs blocked pores. It is gentle and does not irritate or dry your skin.
  • Benzoyl Peroxide exfoliates your skin, and it also kills acne-causing bacteria. Also, note that it can cause skin dryness.
  • Glycolic acid is another ingredient that exfoliates the skin. Good exfoliation also stimulates collagen production, which repairs damaged skin cells and restores suppleness to the skin.
  • For excessively oily skin, sulfur is an effective adult acne treatment; it draws the oil from the skin. However, make sure to use products that do not make your skin dry.
  • Retinoids and vitamin A derivatives help to clear pores and also trigger collagen production, thus helping to fight acne as well as wrinkles. Topical retinoids are very effective in treating acne.
  • Gels containing dapsone help curb the inflammation associated with acne.
  • Doctors for severe acne prescribe creams that contain antibiotic ingredients along with anti-acne extracts. Oral antibiotics, in addition to topical applications, can also help.
  • Taking hormone imbalance medications.
  • Adult acne can be caused by hormonal fluctuations, so doctors prescribe some oral medications to control it.
  • A few birth-control or contraceptive pills are effective in controlling hormonal fluctuations and thus, can also help reduce breakouts. Do not take these pills without advice from a doctor.
  • A blood pressure treating tablet (spironolactone) is now finding another use, as a hormone imbalance treatment. It blocks androgen receptors in the system, and so curbs testosterone spikes, which can trigger increased sebum production.
  • For severe adult acne treatment, laser treatments and blue light therapy are options, that can help get rid of acne.
  • You can also try reducing your intake of refined carbs, sugar, and salt in your diet. Studies have shown that people who consume a diet with low Glycemic Index experience fewer acne lesions.
  • Clean your face and neck twice each day with a gentle soap or face wash. Try products that contain tea tree oil, which is effective in killing acne-causing bacteria, and also controls inflammation.

If you have severe conditions of acne that cause irritation and pain, consult a dermatologist immediately. It could be a symptom of an underlying condition.

Keep in mind these adult acne treatments for mild cases of acne.

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