Best Fiber Supplements to Meet the Deficiency

Fast-paced lifestyle and increased market competition often make people neglect the need for a healthy diet. Irregular work hours along with increased junk intake and odd sleep patterns are paving the way for different health issues. The increased dependence on junk food and fast foods often make people forget the importance fiber for a healthy body. According to the studies conducted by the experts, every man should consume at least 30gm of fiber and women should take 25gm of fiber on a daily basis. However, surveys conducted across different parts of the United States show that people consume only half of the required portion. If you are also among those people, you can check out the best fiber supplements, which can do wonders.

Increasing demand for the best fiber supplements has brought a number of sellers in this field, which in turn has increased the varieties of supplements. Therefore, before making a purchase, it will be better for you to know the basics. Like fibers, availability of supplements is also widely divided into two different categories, soluble and insoluble. While soluble fiber gets completely dissolved in water and can be digested at ease, insoluble fiber mixes in water but does not dissolve in it. When purchasing a supplement, you need to know whether it has the soluble or insoluble fiber and make a sound decision.

Inulin – Someone who skips eating fruits or vegetables would require inulin supplements for healthy living. An easily available fiber obtained from different vegetables or fruits, this can help in managing your weight effectively. Inulin can also be a good choice for people in need to improve their gut bacteria. People suffering from liver function problems or irregular blood sugar levels can also be benefited from this fiber. However, it might not be a perfect option for boosting the digestive tissues. The supplements are mainly obtained from chicory root and are completely soluble in water.

Wheat dextrin – This is also another completely soluble fiber and is a great choice for people with poor metabolic health. Obtained as a by-product formed during wheat processing, this supplement can be easily cooked. Though this is an ideal option for boosting the metabolism of the body, it might not interest people with gluten intolerance. However, anyone complaining of celiac disease can easily get it.

Psyllium or husk – If you are looking for an insoluble husk to improve your digestive functions and get a smooth bowel movement, psyllium husk can be a good choice. The supplement of psyllium is obtained from the husk and seed of the plant, which makes it insoluble. One thing that is to be noted in this context is that the supplement made from husk is mostly soluble in water and the ones that are obtained from seeds are completely insoluble. Therefore, depending on your preference, if you need an insoluble fiber supplement, you need to purchase the one that is made from seeds. Just asking for psyllium may provide you with just a husk fiber. If consumed regularly, psyllium supplements will not only help in easing your bowel movement but also would make you feel fuller for a longer period. It can also work effectively in managing IBS pain, risks for heart diseases, metabolic disorder, and even type II diabetes.

Methylcellulose – In case, you experience digestive problems as a side-effect of fiber supplements, methylcellulose can be a good choice for you. It is a non-fermentable fiber and is completely soluble in water. Though this is a good choice for people, who cannot take supplements for digestive issues, it does not cure existing diarrhea or constipation problems. Just like the psyllium supplement, this too helps in checking weight gain by making you feel full and also ward off the adverse effect of taking the high-calorie diet. To get the desired results, it is recommended to mix methylcellulose with cold water.

Calcium polycarbophil – People who have an intolerance to the above-mentioned best fiber supplements can easily vouch for calcium polycarbophil. Also known as a fecal stabilizer and often prescribed as a synthetic laxative, calcium polycarbophil is a completely insoluble fiber. It is known for treating digestive disorders including diarrhea as well as constipation in people. The water retention ability of this supplement is useful in maintaining weight as well. Studies have also proven its effectiveness in relieving abdominal pain experienced by IBS patients.

Each fiber supplement has some benefits attached to it. Therefore, it is important to learn the details of each of them before consumption. Also, it is recommended to consult a dietician before making the final selection of the best fiber supplements and know the desired quantity for each of them. The best fiber supplements can offer effective results only when it is taken regularly. Also be careful about the reliability of the brand manufacturing the product as compromising quality for the price is never a wise choice.

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