Best Natural Thyroid Supplements

People who suffer from unexplainable mood swings, or have difficulty in sleeping or feel tired most of the time should understand that the body is producing thyroid hormones in excess. This is an indication that the person is suffering from hyperthyroidism. The best course of action is to take natural thyroid supplements so that the elegant balance of thyroid is maintained in the body.

Lemon Balm

Lemon balm is from the mint family and is usually used for flavoring ice cream or tea. It is however known to aid the thyroid health and is thus considered among natural thyroid supplements. Lemon balm controls the condition related to thyroid through its unique mechanism.

Lemon balm is known to inhibit the thyroid stimulating hormone from attaching to the receptors. Lemon balm blocks the synthesis of T4 and thus prevents T4 from being converted to T3. This dilutes the effect of thyroid stimulating hormone and thus prevents the antibodies from speeding up the functioning of the thyroid.

300 to 500 milligram of lemon balm juice can be taken on a daily basis for normalizing the functioning of thyroid gland. Lemon balm can also be combined with bugleweed natural supplement for effective results.


It has been found out medically that lack of iodine can result in mental retardation and damage to the brain. World Health Organization has come out with a report that 30 percent of the world population is suffering from the deficiency of iodine.

Consumption of excessive iodine can lead to hyperthyroidism and to keep the thyroid level under control, kelp can be taken as it does not have a large amount of iodine and thus will help in curing thyroid related problems.

Kelp is also a rich source of minerals and vitamins. It is among great natural thyroid supplements and can be taken for overactive thyroid conditions.


Motherwort is considered among natural thyroid supplements and can be used for boosting the thyroid health. Use of motherwort is known to limit the symptoms of Graves disease which is one of the reasons that results in hyperthyroidism.

Motherwort is known to strengthen the heart rate and decrease the restlessness. This is also a natural beta blocker as it controls the rhythm of the heart and cures a person of the problem of palpitation.


This herb is also known to control the thyroid as it decreases the metabolism of iodine. Bugleweed is also known to control palpitation.

Nutrients which support thyroid


Iodine is one of the most important elements which helps in effective functioning of the thyroid. Without the presence of iodine, the thyroid does not have all the essential elements which it needs to support healthy growth of human body. However, care should be taken that iodine is not taken in excess quantity as it might lead to hyperthyroidism.

The primary sources of iodine are sea vegetables like Kombu, arame, and hijiki. Seafood like salmon, shrimp, and oysters are among other primary sources of iodine which can be taken on a regular basis to keep thyroid levels under check. Eggs, spinach, garlic, mushrooms and sesame seeds are some of the secondary sources of iodine which can be used on a regular basis in the diet.


Selenium is important in many ways for the effective functioning of the thyroid. Selenium is known to contain enzymes which protect the thyroid gland when they are under some stress. This helps in flushing out the toxins from the body and help in regulating hormone synthesis.

Tuna, mushrooms, sunflower seeds and soybean are some of the sources of selenium and can be taken on a regular basis for keeping thyroid levels under control.

Zinc, Iron, and Copper

These trace elements are very vital for the functioning of the thyroid as can be taken as thyroid supplements. Food rich in zinc, iron, and copper are a rich source of these and can effectively be taken on a regular basis to keep the level of thyroid under control.

Beef, turkey, sunflower seeds and almonds are a rich source of zinc and can be taken for keeping thyroid levels under check. Organ meats, spinach, lentils, and soybean are some of the rich sources of iron and will keep thyroid under check.

Oysters, spinach, lentils and white beans are some iron-rich food which when taken on a regular basis will keep thyroid levels under check.

However when you take natural thyroid supplements care should be taken that soy, Brassica family vegetables, and gluten-rich food are not taken else the level of thyroid increases to a higher level. The ideal way of maintaining right thyroid level is to take natural supplements so that both dietary component and thyroid management are taken care of effectively.

Being healthy is in your hands and when natural thyroid supplements are taken managing thyroid becomes easier.

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