Can COPD Stem Cell Treatment Be Effective?

There have been recent advancements in research on COPD stem cell treatment. Here are the details about what this treatment is, and whether it can help you.

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a blanket phrase used to refer to various diseases of the lung. COPD includes lung disorders like asthma, chronic bronchitis, and emphysema. It is a relatively common medical condition, and affects millions of people all over the world.  There can be different reasons why a person develops COPD, but the chief causes of the disease are smoking and long-term exposure to pollution or chemical fumes. If you have COPD, you may experience symptoms such as shortness of breath, wheezing, and persistent coughing.

COPD is a progressive health condition that can cause severe damage, and has no cure. However, different types of treatments are available to help COPD patients manage the symptoms and breathe easy.  In addition, some lifestyle changes and dietary modifications can help you keep your COPD symptoms under control. Another treatment method which is being researched on and tested is COPD stem cell treatment. This treatment has been used to help patients with autoimmune, orthopedic, neurological, cardio, and pulmonary disorders. There are patients who have found considerable relief after undergoing COPD stem cell treatment, although more studies are currently needed in this area. If you want to know more about COPD stem cell treatment, here are some frequently asked questions about the process, and the answers to them.

What are stem cells?

Stem cells in the human body are cells that have the ability to change into other cell types. Also described as “shape shifters,” these stem cells are being extensively studies under a new field of science known as ‘regenerative medicine.’ As such cells have the ability to convert into other specialized type of cells in your body, they can be effective in the treatment if various diseases, including COPD.

What exactly is meant by stem cell treatment?

Stem cell treatment involves the process of introducing new adult stem cells into the damaged tissue of a person in order to heal an injury or treat a serious disease. An increasing number of medical professionals and researchers believe that such treatment can change medicine in the future and treat multiple diseases. This is because the stem cells can self-renew, and thus have the ability to potentially replace damaged and diseased cells in the human body, with minimal side effects and the risk of rejection.

Can stem cell treatment help COPD patients?

Currently, there is considerable research and trials going on to establish stem cell treatment as an alternative therapy for people suffering from COPD. Stem cells can be harvested from a person to replace other unhealthy cells in his/her body, and research has shown that this kind of cell restoration treatment is possible. This is breakthrough advancement in this field, and gives new hope to patients battling this degenerative lung condition. COPD stem cell treatment tried on patients revealed improvements in these symptoms post treatment:

  • Decrease in dyspnea (breathing difficulties)
  • Better ability to perform everyday tasks
  • Increased ability to walk alone
  • Better energy
  • Reduction of a patient’s dependence on supplemental oxygen
  • Improved mood
  • Improvement in sleep patterns

How is COPD stem cell treatment administered to a patient?

For COPD stem cell treatment, usually the fat is harvested from healthy parts of the patient, the stem cells are isolated and activated, and then directly re-delivered back into the patient within 2-3 hours. Potentially, COPD stem cell treatment can be administered in two ways: intravenous (stem cells injected into the vein) and stem cell nebulization (stem cells are broken down and nebulized, after which the patient can inhale them to have a direct impact on the lungs)

How long will a COPD stem cell treatment take to work once the process is done?

After you have been administered stem cells using either of the ways mentioned above, the cells need to make their way to the right area in your body (parts that are damaged) and start working. This entire process takes time, and may take anywhere between several weeks or months to achieve the desired effect completely. However, it is difficult to predict at present exactly how long COPD stem cell treatment will take to work in your body.

There is still research going on in the field of COPD stem cell treatment, so consulting with experts and your doctor can help you arrive at the best conclusion when it comes to choosing a method of treatment to battle your COPD symptoms.

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