Dietary Tips for Hashimoto’s Syndrome

Excessive stress brings about a humongous disturbance in your daily routine, affects your diet as well as weakens your immune system. When it comes to maintaining good body metabolism, thyroid gland plays a crucial role in this. The thyroid gland produces a hormone named thyroxin which is necessary to maintain body metabolism. A sudden fluctuation in the functioning of this gland leads to Hashimoto syndrome. Scientifically known has hyperthyroidism it is caused due to an underactive thyroid.

One of the reasons for concern today is that ailments associated with thyroid are quite common amongst people within the age group of 30 to 47 years. A lackadaisical attitude towards maintaining a healthy diet as well as zero exercise is one of the prime reasons for people suffering from thyroid. Hashimoto syndrome is an autoimmune disease in which the immune system intervenes in the functioning of hormone-producing cells in the thyroid gland thereby causing severe inflammation. People suffering from this syndrome need to maintain and mandatorily follow a strict Hashimoto’s diet plan to help maintain thyroid stability.

Iodine is the most important element which helps in proper functioning of the thyroid gland. Seafood is rich in iodine and hence is a part and parcel of Hashimoto’s diet plan. People suffering from hyperthyroidism must ensure to have a regular intake of iodine in your daily Hashimoto’s diet. The right proportion of iodine helps in strengthening the thyroid gland thereby avoiding the Hashimoto syndrome.

Consult a dietician for Hashimoto’s diet plan
People are unaware of such kind of ailments caused due to thyroid weakening and hence end up consuming more than required about of food thereby aggravating their conditions. Individuals down with this syndrome need to maintain their intake amount which is possible only with a proper Hashimoto’s diet plan. People suffering from this ailment must consult a dietician before consuming any form of food. Dieticians will design a food plan keeping in mind the necessary food intake.

Stick to the Hashimoto’s diet
Hashimoto syndrome is a serious condition and hence needs a little extra care to ensure it does not aggravate. People down with this syndrome must ensure to stick to their Hashimoto’s diet plan and avoid going overboard with diet. Diverting away from your regular diet and sticking to a plan is definitely tough, however, going as per the planned diet will help you in the longer run.

Avoid fried foods
Fast paced lifestyle has brought with the concept of fast and fried foods which is high in fatty acids. Excessive consumption of these foods will directly affect the functioning of thyroid gland causing the low production of thyroxin. It will also affect the adrenal glands which produce a hormone which helps in the conversion of thyroxin into its active form. These glands help in controlling blood sugar level. Hence consumption of fried food needs to be completely stopped to avoid thyroid dysfunctioning.

Go organic
Rising awareness of harmful medical ailments has also increased awareness about food which is actually good for the body. Organic food commonly known as gluten-free foods provide healthy food options which ensure a healthy intake. These foods are light on the stomach and provide necessary nutrients in apt proportion to the body. Intake of gluten-free foods will ensure smooth functioning of the thyroid gland as well as will help in strengthening it.

Water intake
Water is a natural medicine for numerous body ailments. Water plays a crucial role when it comes to ensuring proper functioning of all body organs. Doctors recommend regular intake of approximately eight to ten glasses of water so as to keep your body hydrated as well as help in proper thyroid functioning.

Yoga and pilates
Apart from food, people suffering from Hashimoto syndrome must also indulge regular yoga. Certain yoga positions concentrate on the strengthening of the thyroid gland and also ensures in proper hormone secretion. Pilates is another good form of exercise platform for people suffering from Hashimoto syndrome.

Refined sugar
Excessive intake of refined sugar in your daily diet is harmful to the body. Especially when you are suffering from thyroid ailments ensure to completely cut out on food containing refined sugar. The thyroid gland also helps in maintain sugar level in the body. Excessive sugar intake will put extra pressure on the gland eventually disrupting its functioning.

The human body requires all forms of vitamin doses in apt amounts to help good coordination among different organs of the body. Ensure to consume natural foods that are high in vitamin C, B, D, E, and zinc. Other forms of vitamin supplements too are easily available in the market. Consult a doctor to know the appropriate Hashimoto’s diet plan before going for random supplements.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle along with proportionate consumption of healthy foods will help in avoiding Hashimoto syndrome thereby strengthening the Thyroid gland as well as ensure proper hormonal secretion for the body.

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