Effective Home Remedies for Blood Pressure

According to a study, around 15 percent of the total deaths in the country occur due to irregular blood pressure. It risks the heart and causes strokes, kidney failures, and cognitive declines. According to American Heart Association, 28 percent of its population suffers from High blood pressure. This is quite alarming. If someone ignores the risk of high or low blood pressure in the body, it will lead to serious health complications. This can damage the kidney, affect the heart and can cause strokes. Regular health checkups and proper lifestyle will decrease the chances of such health complications.

Some of the basic factors if maintained regularly, one can keep in control the blood pressure. Like walking or slow jogging for 30 to 60 minutes daily can reduce the blood pressure by 4 to 9 mmHg. Doctor’s advice should be taken before getting involved in such kind of exercise. Maintaining a proper diet can also help in a major way, including fruits, vegetables and low-fat product in the diet chart and reducing oily food from the diet can lower the blood pressure by 14mmHg. Which is quite impressive, Next if someone can reduce the sodium intakes to the minimum quantity, it will create a good balance in the blood pressure.

Overweight is a serious issue, which needs to be controlled for restricting any health issues and not only for the sake of blood pressure. People are at a greater risk of high blood pressure if they are addicted to nicotine. With every cigarette smoke, the blood pressure rises for several minutes. Same goes for alcohol intake, an excessive consumption of alcohol will lead to numerous health complications including high blood pressure. Sometimes stress can also lead to high blood pressure. So, one needs to live a stress-free life as much as possible.

Some of the blood pressure remedies include consuming white beans with soup, fat-free plain yogurt, Tilapia fish, kiwifruit, peaches, kale, red bell paper, broccoli, sweet potato, quinoa, and avocado. These blood pressure remedies can be very beneficial for health. A proper diet chart including all the above food items, and at the same time cutting any oily food or fast fried food can help to reduce health-related complications associated with blood pressure.

The circulation of blood in our body is vital for sustaining life. The blood supplies important nutrients and oxygen to the cells in our body. It also helps in trashing waste and carbon dioxide. The pressure that pushes blood in our artery and veins results in our heartbeats. Is someone is suffering from hypertension, in that case, the heart has to give extra pressure to pump the blood to the veins. This pressure can cause overstretching of the walls of the arteries and can lead to tiny tears in blood vessels. This leaves tissues vulnerable to cholesterol. A proper lifestyle and a healthy diet can cut some major problems related to blood pressure. One of the traditional blood pressure remedies is using of hibiscus for naturally managing blood pressure. Drinking of coconut water can also help as it contains potassium and magnesium which are related to regularize muscle functions. Intake of fish oil containing omega-3 fatty acid can act one of the best blood pressure remedies. A staple herb known as hawthorn has many benefits for the heart, but the best part is that it can improve the functions of the capillaries and regulate glucose metabolism. Consuming garlic is also one of the common blood pressure remedies as garlic has got a wide range of benefits. Eating watermelon in the morning is one of the popular blood pressure remedies as it lowers the blood pressure.

There are many other blood pressure remedies. Normally, aged people have got the higher risk of having blood pressure related health issues. So it is imperative to have a regular checkup for them. Though there are plenty of websites available giving instructions on how to control blood pressure, it is highly advisable to consult a doctor before getting involved in such activities. Old people may not be able to do some of the exercises as described by some web portal and might end up hurting themselves, so a proper guidance is required for what kind of physical exercise can be done at that age. Only an expert can recommend the pattern of exercise that can suit that particular person. Again, for maintaining a proper diet chart, an expert nutritionist should be consulted before preparing the chart.

A nutritionist, after proper checkup and test, gives the best advice on what to include in the diet plan. High blood pressure victimizes not only people of old age but also many young men and kids. So it is mandatory for all to have regular health checkups and to maintain a proper diet. Young men can get involved in more physical activities to fight blood pressure-related health complications. There are many medicines available in the market, which needs to be consumed only after doctor’s prescriptions.

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