Effective Tips to Treat Chronic Diarrhea

Diarrhea is a common problem experienced by almost everyone in their lifetime. Though this mostly affects the babies and toddlers, adults and elderly people too can get diarrhea for improper food habits or digestive problems. Like several other mild issues, diarrhea can also be treated with home remedies or over-the-counter pills and seldom requires medical attention. While diarrhea is generally healed in a couple of days or three, chronic diarrhea can cause distress for a prolonged period. Consulting a doctor becomes necessary to heal the chronic condition. However, some proven natural remedies for chronic diarrhea treatment are also available.

Finding the cause
Whether you are looking for home remedies or taking medications prescribed by a medical practitioner, it is very important for you to find the cause. The repeated occurrence of diarrhea can only be stopped when you know the cause triggering the factor. Some people get diarrhea as bacterial infection, while others may get it as a viral infection. Food poisoning or antibiotic usage may also lead to this condition. Lactose intolerance is also found responsible for this bowel disorder. Not just that, drinking contaminated water may also cause diarrhea in patients. If the cause is healed, the risk of repeated occurrence will be reduced.

Some essential tips for successful chronic diarrhea treatments are listed below:

Keep yourself hydrated – Repeated bowel movement caused by diarrhea often leads dehydration of the body. Therefore, it is extremely important to drink water or any other fluids at frequent intervals. However, avoiding fruit juices or aerated juices is not recommended, as it can trigger the condition further. Keep oral rehydrating syrup handy or mix a teaspoon of sugar with one pinch salt in a glass of water and drink. Dehydration of the body can increase the severity further and may even lead to hospitalization of the patient. Special care should be given to kids and breastfeeding babies as dehydration can be fatal for them.

Watch your diet – Loss of appetite is a common problem for people suffering from diarrhea, especially when it has become a chronic condition. However, patients need to eat to avoid weakness. Take small meals at regular intervals and know the right food to eat. Fiber-rich foods are strictly not allowed for patients with diarrhea as it can aggravate the condition. People with chronic diarrhea can get some relief by taking white rice with boiled bananas or boiled potatoes. Baked potatoes can also be a good choice. Applesauce, toast, chicken soup, baked chicken without skin or oatmeal can also help in bring some positive results when it comes to healthy ways to deal with chronic diarrhea.

Avoid gluten – Chronic diarrhea can occur at any time and gluten foods are often responsible for the condition. Therefore, to stay healthy and heal the chronic condition gradually, it will be better for you to indulge in gluten-free foods.

Stay away from fatty and fried foods – Foods containing saturated fat should be avoided, as these often interrupt with the metabolism function of the body and lead to diarrhea-related problems. Fried foods or fast foods are also difficult to digest and might not be a good choice for someone, who experiences frequent diarrhea problems.

Caffeine and alcohol are harmful – Including fluids in the regular diet is important. However, it should not be an alcoholic drink or caffeine drinks. These often interrupt the normal metabolism process of the body and lead to diarrhea. Cutting down caffeine is one of the simplest chronic diarrhea treatments.

Opt for probiotics – When it comes to healthy living and strong digestive system, one cannot ignore the role of probiotics. This is one of the popular chronic diarrhea treatments. Also called the good bacteria, these help in maintaining strong gut function. This, in turn, checks the triggering of diarrhea-related issues. Dark chocolate, cottage cheese, soft cheese aged, green olives, beet kvass, kefir, kombucha, sauerkraut, kimchi, pickles, yogurt, tempeh, and natto are some of the rich sources of probiotics. Apart from these, taking probiotic powder or pills can also help in chronic diarrhea treatment.

Be careful with your medicines – People suffering from chronic diarrhea-related issues should share their problems with the doctor when getting diagnosed with any other disease. This will help them prescribe pills or antibiotics, which does not make any negative impact on your bowel movement.

Follow a healthy routine – Proper diet and adequate rest is a must for patients complaining chronic diarrhea. Eating dinner at late nights or keeping the stomach empty for a prolonged period of time can be harmful.

Though a little correction in food habits and lifestyle can help in chronic diarrhea treatment, proper diagnosis is always recommended for a chronic condition. Doctors generally prescribe anti-diarrhea medicines to control bowel movements. However, in severe cases, patients may have to undergo colonoscopy or ultra-sonography of their lower abdomen to get to the root cause. Over-the-counter medications are also widely available and used as chronic diarrhea treatments. However, consuming them for a prolonged period might be detrimental to health and leave harmful side-effects.

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