Have a Better Sex Life with These Male Enhancement Techniques

Your sex drive or libido can play a huge role in your life. When your libido is facing a nose dive, it can be frustrating and embarrassing as well.

However, a lot of men face this issue, and here are a few male enhancement techniques that can help change your sex life for the better.

Make Sure You Stay Active

Staying active can positively contribute not just to your general health but your sexual health as well. You should know that your blood circulation and pressure plays an essential role in your sexual performance. One of the major causes of erectile dysfunction is improper blood circulation. Indulge in cardiovascular exercises often and make sure you exercise as regularly as possible. Ensure that you do light exercises every day and a more vigorous regime a few times a week. Research shows that men who are physically fit and active have lesser chances of having a loss or decrease of libido, as opposed to men who lead an unhealthy lifestyle.

Incorporate Meats Into Your Diet

The nutrients in meat can help with your blood flow. Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish like salmon and tuna can help your circulation. Vitamin B-1 found in meat like beef and pork can help improve the functions of your nervous system, which includes signaling your brain activity concerning your penis. Eggs are high in proteins and vitamin B, which can significantly influence the hormonal balance of your body.

Don’t Forget The Fruits And Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are great for your health—that’s a no-brainer. The best part though is that they can do wonders for your sexual health too. Vegetables like onion and garlic can help with the improvement of your blood circulation, bananas can boost your stamina, and the abundant amount of potassium it contains can maintain lower blood pressure. Cucumbers can help reduce any inflammation and soothe your system.

Exposure To The Sun Can Help

When you expose yourself to the sun, the production of melatonin, which makes you feel sleepy, is hindered. While it is great for your sleep, it can stunt your sexual urges as well. Get more sunlight, so that the production of melatonin is lowered, and your libido increases.

Ditch The Alcohol And Tobacco

Wine can be great for setting the mood and is even considered an aphrodisiac. However too much of alcohol can be bad, and the result can go in the opposite direction. Smoking doesn’t work in your favor either. Drinking narrows your blood vessels, which in turn can contribute to loss or decrease of libido as well as impotence. Research suggests that smoking can have a negative impact on your sperm count as well. The antioxidant levels in your semen will be affected as well.


Stress can be the bad guy in many circumstances and is known to be the underlying cause of many diseases. It comes as no surprise then that stress can contribute mainly to the loss or decrease of your libido as well. It can increase your heart rate and negatively impact your blood pressure, thereby influencing your sexual performance. De-stress in a way that is suitable for you. Try yoga or aerobics. Every individual is different, so find out what is therapeutic for you and get your stress levels down.

Masturbation Can Help

Masturbation is looked down upon and is considered a taboo in most societies, but this is nothing to be ashamed of. Research shows that close to 95% of the total male population masturbates. Find out what works for you, and try to last long. This way, it can help you last longer when you’re having sex with your partner as well.

Male Enhancement Pills

Male enhancement pills are readily available, and since they are mostly made from natural ingredients, they don’t have side effects. However, make sure you don’t make this a habit as it can have the opposite effect in the long run.


This is a favorite male enhancement technique. It aims at improving the blood flow into your penis while stimulating the division of cells in the tissues located in the penis. This exercise is an easy one, and all you need to do is use a good lubricant, make the OK with your forefinger and thumb, and pull your thumb and finger over your penis.


This is another male enhancement technique that has proven to be effective. You need to do this when your penis is not erect. The penis in its flaccid state is pulled forward slightly till it reached its maximum length. Make sure you hold the penis in this stretch for about 15 to 20 seconds.


This male enhancement technique can help with premature ejaculation. It involves holding back the urge to ejaculate, for a longer time, by holding your palm on the tip of your penis when you are about to orgasm.

Try these male enhancement techniques, and you’ll see a noticeable difference in your sex life.

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