Here’s How to Get Relief from Dry Eyes

Dry eye is a condition of itchy, unhealthy, and unclear vision of the eye. This mostly occurs when the tear gland produces low-quality tears or no tears depending on the severity and cause of the dry eye. Tears are very important for the eyes as they wash any dust present in them, keeping the eye clean and moisturized. Tear gland functions to keep the eyes healthy and moisturized every day. The following are certain causes of dry eye that needs to be understood to relieve dry eye:

  • Decreased tear production: Decreased tear production by the tear gland is one of the basic cause of dry eye. Aging, certain medical conditions like laser eye surgery, and inflammation of the eye are some of the other reasons.
  • Increased tear evaporation: There are certain causes of increased tear evaporation such as smoke and dry air, not blinking your eye for long, and certain eyelid issues. These strain your eye muscles, thereby, declining the functioning of tear gland.
  • Imbalance of composition: Imbalance of proposition of water, oil, and mucus in tears can also cause dry eye. For example, when the proportion of oil in your eye is not adequate, the tears produced will be of low quality.

Dry eye is a progressive disorder, and there are certain risk factors of dry eyes that mainly include aging as the function of tear gland declines with age, menopause or pregnancy is most of the time a risk factor for dry eye in women, and also wearing contact lenses can curb the natural working of the tear glands. Here are some suggestion to relieve dry eye that can help you keep your vision and eyes healthy and moisturized.

Warm compresses
Tears are made of mucus, oil, and water. Dry eye can be caused if there is oil clogged at the edge of your eye blocking the functioning of the tear gland. Therefore to prevent the same, you can take a new cotton cloth and soak it in lukewarm water and gently compress the edge of your eye. This will reduce the clog and moisturize your eye again. Doing this once every day will help to bring back normal functioning of your tear gland and relieve dry eye.

Cleaning of eyelids
It is very important for the eyelids to function appropriately to prevent dry eye. As eyelids support the functioning of the tear gland, you must clean the eyelids with your fingertips by applying a cleaning solution that is appropriate for the eyes.

Blink more
Blinking helps the functioning of tear gland as it keeps the eye muscle active. By not blinking, you tend to strain your eyes, and this causes dry eyes. Demanding lifestyle stresses you by staring at your computer screen for long and concentrating on studying, but this will only result in complications. To relieve dry eye, you must blink more, and this can be solved by taking frequent breaks during work and studying, relaxing a bit by shutting your eyes and lowering the brightness of your computer screen and mobile.

Drugs that stimulate tears
Cholinergics are called tear stimulating drugs that are available in gel or eye drop forms. They help to produce tears and moisturize the eyes. However, there are certain side effects of these drugs that include sweating.

Special contact lenses
Special contact lenses are available that do not curb the surface of your eyes, thereby letting your eye breathe freely. They also moisturize your eye using bandage lenses that protect the surface of the eye from any dust or allergy.

Fatty acids
Fatty acids contain vitamin A and omega acids that prevent dry eye. Fatty acids can be consumed in foods like vegetables, salmon, and flaxseed. These are natural home remedies that may not relieve dry eye but also do not have any side effects.

Tear is the mix of mucus, oil, and water. The body needs enough water for proper hydration of eye. Enough water must be present in tear gland to produce tears.

Eye drops
Eye drops are known over-the-counter medications, and there are many popular brands of eye drops. They help tear gland gain supplements to normalcy in functioning. There are many kinds of drops, and you can choose the best that suits you depending on the severity and cause of dry eye.

Dry eyes may seem mild but can cause discomfort initially and if not treated can harm the eye majorly. It is very important to relieve dry eye. Since the dry eye is progressive, you can’t leave it untreated. More the dryness of your eye more will be the complications, and more you will have to depend on artificial medications.

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