High Blood Pressure Symptoms And Treatment

Recent medical reports have revealed that life expectancy of the human race has deteriorated over the past few years, thanks to rising stress and poor health conditions. People within the age group of 25 to 45 suffer from serious medical conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, facial paralysis and so on due to excessive workload and ignorance of health. According to a health report released by World Health Organization (WHO), on a global platform there are approximately 7.5 million deaths caused because of high blood pressure.

High blood pressure also known as hypertension results in medical risks like stroke and coronary heart disease. High blood pressure is a condition where the body puts intense pressure on the heart thereby straining the blood vessels. On the basis of a single reading do not consider that you are suffering from high blood pressure. Doctors need to take multiple readings, over a period of few weeks to understand that constant readings are over 140 or 90.

Following are a few remedies which can help your blood pressure in control.

Weight check

Fast paced lifestyle has brought with it fast food which is not only unhealthy for the body but also is a prime reason of rising obesity cases. People with excess weight around the waist line are the prime targets for high blood pressure. Excess fat puts strains the blood vessels thereby obstructing smooth blood flow to the heart. Create a weight planner and ensure to cut down on excess weight to avoid high blood pressure.

Power walks

Doctors insist on regular walks to maintain good health. If you are suffering from high blood pressure a brisk power walk must be your mandatory health activity. Brisk walking helps release excess pressure on the heart and blood vessels thereby allowing smooth blood circulation. It also helps in proper circulation of oxygen throughout the body thereby keeping you energized.

Sodium intake

Excess of anything is bad for health and hence it is always advisable to keep your food intake in check. People with high blood pressure must ensure to keep their salt intake in limit so as to avoid aggravating your medical condition. Salt contains a component named sodium which has to be consumed in proportion. Ensure to keep your sodium consumption to just one teaspoon per day. In addition to this, replace salt with pepper, black salt and other herbs to season your salad.

Dark chocolate

Who doesn’t love chocolate, especially when it has medical profits? People with high blood pressure who consumed dark chocolate showed positive signs of instant decrease in blood pressure. Dark chocolate comprises of a component named flavanol which help in increasing elasticity of blood vessels thereby allowing good blood circulation.

Green/herbal tea

If you are a tea addict and cannot cut down on the habit then switch over to herbal or green tea to avoid or decrease your blood pressure. When under stress you tend to consumer more tea which increases the blood pressure thereby compelling the heart to pump out more blood. Green tea or herbal tea on the other hand is light on stomach and cleanses the body of harmful toxins as well as keeps the blood pressure in check. In addition to this, green tea also helps in cutting down on fat in the body.

Take a break

Working till you break down is an unhealthy habit. If your constant workload is keeping your glued to your table then it is time to take a break and relax yourself. Excessive workload increases stress thereby putting pressure on the heart. Ensure to take good amount of breaks in between your work and indulge in activities which help relax the body and the mind.

Musical therapy

Music is considered to be a natural healer. The instrumental tunes of music help soothes your mind and body thereby ensuring to keep you relaxed. If you suffer from stress and high BP make it a point to listen to some soothing music, especially mild instrumental. Music helps relax your heart and veins thereby allowing proper blood flow.

Avoid alcohol and tobacco

Tobacco contains nicotine which release harmful toxins in the body which directly affect the heart functioning. Alcohol on the other hand is heavy on the digestive system as well puts you heart at risk. Ensure to cut down on your alcohol intake so as to maintain a healthy heart.

Speak to the expert

Consulting a specialist on medical matters is always advisable. If hypertension is weakening your immune system visit a doctor. Apart from natural remedies and healthy diet, doctors will prescribe some medication to bring down blood pressure. Ensure to complete the medicine course as per suggested by doctor to avoid complicating the situation further.

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