Know How Much You Will Have to Spend for a Botox Surgery

Have you decided to get injected to get rid of your worry lines and frown lines? Are you considering all the best surgeons in your locality for the surgery? This guide will help you understand the total Botox treatment cost and how to get the best price.

Here are some factors that you should keep in mind when you are comparing the Botox treatment cost.

How the Botox treatment cost is calculated

  • The first thing to understand when you decide to go for the Botox is that more than the price, you should focus on the promised outcome. It won’t make sense if you find a doctor who does your Botox procedure for cheap but at the end, your face looks the same or worst-case scenario, it is ruined.
  • Different Botox surgeons charge different prices for their services. The Botox treatment cost depends on factors like how good the doctor is and the quality of the Botox procedure.
  • Learn about on what basis they charge, when you go to inquire about the Botox surgery cost.
  • While some doctors charge per unit, few go by per area. When your surgery is priced per unit, it costs less and is more practical. In most areas of the country, the average cost comes to somewhere between $9 and $20+ per unit.
  • The surgeons who charge according to per area, have different charges for different areas like the frown lines between your eyebrows, the worry lines on the forehead, smile lines, the creases by your eyes, called the crow’s feet.
  • Approximately for each facial area, you will be spending around $350-$500.

Why the Botox treatment cost differs

  • This cost differs according to the geographic regions. This means that rural areas of the country would have cheaper Botox treatment cost than a hip city like Los Angeles.
  • It is observed that the north-eastern part of the nation has a high average cost of Botox, compared to the western states.
  • The cost of the treatment might also differ during different times of the year.

Why some doctors charge a low Botox treatment cost

  • One common reason for this can that the doctor is using a diluted version of the Botox, which you should avoid at all cost as it won’t give you the desired results.
  • Another reason can be that the doctor illegally got hold of the Botox supply from places where the government sells Botox for cheap. This is again risky as in such cases you can’t bet the safety measures and the storage methods used for preserving the injections.
  • Using a diluted or carelessly stored injection might lead to unwanted reactions.

How to financially plan the surgery

  • Don’t be shy to ask about if the clinic offers a financial plan for the Botox surgery. Many clinics these days do have their financial planning schemes.
  • Most of the doctors these days are open to all kinds of payment options when you are paying for the surgery. So, you can pay through credit card, debit card, cheque or cash.
  • For those who are wondering if you are insurance will cover Botox? Yes, if you are getting a Botox for a medical reason like in cases of a chronic migraine, overactive bladder, muscle spasm and other such disorders. This means that for cosmetic purposes, you won’t get any help from your insurance company.

Health risks you should be aware of

  • Before you get yourself injected for the first time, give serious thought to your decision. Many times patients take a hasty decision of opting for Botox and later regret it.
  • Also, it is important to understand that Botox is not effective for all kinds of wrinkles. So, proper counseling from the surgeon is a must.
  • Botox can cause some serious damages like paralysis or an uneven face structure.
  • You might get temporary bruises if you have recently done a Botox. These marks will fade away in few weeks.
  • You might also experience side effects like nausea, headache during the first week of the surgery.
  • Pregnant women and people with severe neurological disorders should never go for Botox.
  • You might also experience drooping of eyelids, which will take 3 to 4 weeks to heal.
  • Try not poking and constantly touching the treated areas for at least 12 hours after the surgery.

When you are choosing a surgeon, consider factors like his or her qualification, reputation, experience and your comfort level with him or her. These factors are way more important than the Botox treatment cost because at the end your doctor can make or break your face. Also, remember that Botox is temporary, and you might need to get a new surgery done after around six months of the first one. So, invest keeping in mind all these factors.

Don’t settle for the first Botox surgeon you come across. Research, compare and find the best doctor for your case.

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