Simple Exercises to Reduce Belly Fat

If your dress is not fitting in and giving you tough times, it is sure that the belly is going out of shape. This is high time that you make some lifestyle changes so that not only you remain healthy but also make others turn their heads when you pass by.

However, you should remember that dieting and exercise are interrelated. If dieting only could help, the need for doing exercise would never arise, but this is not the case. Ideally, some exercise needs to be done on a regular basis along with healthy food.

Below are some of the best exercise for belly fat and doing these on a regular basis will help in reduction of the belly fat.

  • Crunches

One of the best exercises for belly fat reduction is crunches. For doing crunches, a person has to lie down on a mat with the knees bent with feet on the ground. The legs can also be lifted at 90-degree angle. The hands have to be lifted and placed beside the head or can be crossed and placed on the chest. Inhalation has to be done deeply as the upper torso is lifted from the floor. Exhale slowly as the torso is lifted.

Inhalation should be done as the previous position gets restored. For the beginning, this exercise is to be done ten times, and 2 to 3 sets of the same can be repeated.

  • Vertical Leg Crunch

Vertical leg crunch is also considered among best exercise for belly fat reduction. For doing this exercise, a person needs to lie down on floor or mat with the legs extending upwards. One knee should be crossed over the other as the legs are extended upwards.

Be in this position and lift the legs upwards as these are crossed. This should be done in a position when you are breathing in. Then you can breathe out slowly as the legs are brought down. This set of exercise should be done 2-3 times with 12-15 set of leg crossing being done in each set. In the initial stages, you should only do few repetitions of this exercise, and the intensity can be increased in due course.

  • Bicycle Exercise

This is another exercise that ranks among the best exercises for belly fat reduction. However, the name of the exercise is a misnomer, and you will not need a bicycle for doing this exercise. For doing this exercise, a person needs to lie on the floor and keep the hands either by the side or behind the head. This will be in a similar position as in case of crunches.

Both the legs should then be lifted off the ground and bent at the knees. The right knee needs to be brought close to the chest while the left leg is still away. After that, the right leg has to be taken away as the left leg is brought close to the chest. This is to be done continuously in the same way as a bicycle is paddled.

  • Lunge Twist

In case you are a beginner in doing exercises for reducing the belly fat, this workout can be done. For doing this exercise, a person needs to stand with legs hip wide apart. The knees are to be kept slightly bent. Both the hands are to be lifted up while aligning them with the shoulders. These need to be kept parallel to the ground.

You have to lunge forward and take a step forward with the right leg. This position should be such that you are on a chair and the knees are making a 90-degree angle with the floor. The left leg should be in a position where it is bent backward and is supported by the toes.

Keep the fact in consideration that the spine should be kept straight in such a situation. The spine is not to be bent forward in any case. The torso also has to be twisted to the right and after that to the left side. For best results, this exercise has to be done 12-15 times.

  • The Stomach Vacuum

This exercise puts great emphasis on the way you breathe. Stomach vacuum also helps in reducing the belly fat to a great extent. For doing this exercise, you will need to bend down on your four while supporting the body through hand and knees. You need to inhale deeply and loosen the abdomen. As you exhale, the abdominal muscles need to be tightened. This position is to be held for 15-30 seconds, and then the process is to be repeated.

Even if you practice only a few of these best exercises for belly fat reduction, you will see a change. All or some of these exercises can be done, and the results will be evident very soon.

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