Top 10 Electrolyte Drinks to Stay Hydrated

A drink which is rich in essential minerals is called an electrolyte drink. This drink is usually preferred after an intense workout or by athletes while playing sports to supply them with extra energy. However, on a normal basis, you can consume electrolyte drink after your illness as the body loses fluids and needs extra minerals to cope up with the weakness. If you prefer doing intense workouts for about 60–90 minutes, you need electrolyte replacement drinks for that kind of energy. Below mentioned are the top 10 electrolyte drinks that can help provide essential minerals to your body.

Top 10 electrolyte drinks
Hammer endurolytes: Hammer endurolytes is a kind of a fizzy drink that is high in sodium and minerals. This drink is mainly consumed when you sweat a lot as a result of lack of fluid in your body. Therefore, if you want extra carbohydrates in your body, just add one to two spoons of hammer endurolytes in the water after an intense workout or a running game. This is one of the top 10 electrolyte drinks you can choose from.

LyteShow: There are essential minerals found in the Great Salt Lake and LyteShow is made out of those minerals. It is recommended by many as being one of the top 10 electrolyte drinks and consumed vastly by athletes. This comes in the form of drops that is mixed with the water. To add flavor, you can mix it with lemon and honey.

Gerolsteiner: Gerolsteiner is a form of sparkling mineral water mainly consumed in Germany and is high in bicarbonate, magnesium, and calcium. Just like the normal water, it lacks taste but is very helpful in times of dehydration. It also helps in case you are suffering from nausea and headaches, as it provides the right liquid supplement to your body.

Hammer HEED: Hammer is specially designed as a carbohydrate source. If you are experiencing lack of water due to a lot of sweating with no doubt hammer can be consumed. Many testimonials and feedbacks have shown that Hammer is among the top of the list when it comes to the top 10 electrolyte drinks.

Vega Sport: Vega Sport is a hydrating drink and tastes sweet. Athletes sweat a lot and the taste of stevia in their mouth makes them want something sweet in the form of liquid. This is due to dehydration as well as drop in glucose level. In such cases when your sugar level goes down simultaneously with the water level in your body, Vega Sport is best recommended.

PowerBar Ironman: PowerBar Ironman is an athlete drink, as it is made of essential minerals and carbohydrates. In some cases, PowerBar is prescribed in the diet plan for those who do intense workouts. The drink is thirst quenching and of low calorie which comes in different flavors.

GU Hydration: This drink comes in the form of a tablet that is rich in sodium. After an intense workout, you can mix one tab with water and drink it to energize you instantly. Not only does it hydrates you almost immediately but also is rich in vitamin A, C, and E that will make your body feel good.

OSMO Nutrition: This is one of the top 10 electrolyte drinks recommended for women. OSMO contains sodium combined with sucrose that helps to replace the energy and fluid loss from your body. It comes in various flavors to enhance the taste.

Zico: Zico is mainly a coconut drink that is rich in potassium. Studies have shown that coconut is one of the best natural supplements in case of dehydration. Coconut consists of natural minerals that hydrate and cleanse your body. Zico also comes in the form of coconut powder that can be mixed with water to supply you with essential minerals and carbohydrates after an intense workout. This is also one of the top 10 electrolyte drinks.

Reliant Water Recovery: This is also one of the top 10 electrolyte drinks which tastes just like regular water but is a little sweet in taste that energizes your cells immediately after an intense run or workout. The water also comes in various flavors to add taste. Reliant water can be consumed in replacement of the regular water at times when your body is highly active and needs supplements.

The electrolyte drinks are usually healthy when you make it yourself knowing what exactly suits your body and what gives you instant energy. To make an instant electrolyte drink at home, you can add some citrus fruit juice with lemon, honey, and a pinch of salt. This will give you instant energy and also will make up for the loss of fluids. Homemade drinks are only healthy but are also cost-effective and have a positive effect on your skin. Most of the recommended electrolyte drinks do not have any side effects but are unhealthy in a way as they are not naturally made. You should be very careful in choosing a commercial electrolyte beverage.

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