Top Hemorrhoids Remedy Options to Try at Home

Hemorrhoids are informally known as piles. This condition is characterized by swollen veins in anus and rectum. A person suffering from piles often experience itching, pain, and rectal bleeding. Hemorrhoids can develop both inside and outside of anus and rectum. Thus, there are two kinds of hemorrhoids: internal and external hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids which are a common problem can be found in around 75% of Americans during their lifetime. The condition in some cases goes away for itself in few weeks. However, they can lead to discomfort ranging from mild to severe. But do not worry, the following sections will discuss the top hemorrhoids remedy options one can try at home to ease the condition.

First, it is important to know that hemorrhoids can be prevented. So what can be done to avoid hemorrhoids from reoccurring? It is believed that changes to lifestyle practices and food habits are a great way to treat and prevent piles. Food that is high in fiber is ideal. Moreover, drinking a great amount of water change keeps the digestive system at ease and helps it processes well. Consumption of more water also prevents constipation.

Others ways to keep the digestive system moving and hemorrhoids at bay is exercise. Sitting for long hours is bad for piles. Thus, it should be compensated with exercising on a regular basis. Never delay the going to the bathroom. Delay of bowel movement makes the bowel to absorb water from stool thereby making it firm.

In certain cases, the problem becomes serious with time that a need to see the doctor for help arises. If you think, someone needs help; you should take them to doctor. Hemorrhoids become serious when it causes chronic blood loss and causes anemia to a sufferer. Anemia is a condition characterized by a shortage of red blood cells.

In case if internal hemorrhoids, there are chances that blood supply will cut off. This, as a result, causes strangulated hemorrhoids. This can cause extreme pain. Sometimes home treatment may fail, and the problem keeps on persisting. This is the time you should recommend a doctor for medical assistance. A primary care physician is capable of diagnosing and treating hemorrhoids. Doctors are likely to prescribe medicated creams to ointments to suppositories. In case, these treatments are also not enough. Then, a doctor may ask a sufferer to get treatments that involve rubber band litigation or surgery for removal of hemorrhoids. If you experience rectal bleeding, then make sure to visit a doctor on an immediate basis.

Here are few top hemorrhoids remedy solutions which can be tried at home:
Witch hazel
This is one of the top hemorrhoids remedy options that works by reducing both itching and pain during hemorrhoids. Witch hazel is anti-inflammatory. Therefore, it is greatly helpful in reducing swelling. Witch hazel comes in liquid form, and it can be applied directly to one’s hemorrhoids. Witch hazel can also found in anti-itch wipes and soaps.

Aloe vera
The widely available aloe vera get is a great way to get rid of inflammatory skin conditions. It contained in aloe plant’s leaves. However, it is advised to use only the pure aloe vera gel on hemorrhoids. Some people might be allergic to aloe vera. Thus, they should not consider aloe vera a treatment for their condition. You can also check whether you are allergic to aloe vera by applying on your forearm. Aloe vera is one of the top hemorrhoids remedy options which can be tried easily at home.

Epsom salt bath
Another way to ease irritation caused by hemorrhoids is a warm bath. Sitz bath is a small plastic tub that can be placed on the toilet seat. A warm bath taken for 20 minutes after every bowel movement is an effective way to get relief from hemorrhoids. When Epsom salt is added to the bath, one gets relief as this is also one of the top hemorrhoids remedy options which can be tried easily at home.

Ointment and creams such as Preparation H are found in almost every drug store. It offers an immediate relief. Some ointment helps reduce swelling and make healing of hemorrhoids faster. Use a cream with hydrocortisone; however, do not use the cream from more than a week at a time.

Cold compress
Applying cold compresses or ice packs to the anus help get rid of the swelling. It should not be applied for longer than fifteen minutes at a time. In case of large and painful hemorrhoids, cold compresses are a highly effective treatment. It is suggested to wrap ice inside the cloth or paper towel before applying. It is because it is not good to apply ice or a cold compress directly on the skin.

Stool softeners
Fiber supplements or stool softeners, such as psyllium help reduce constipation and make the stool softer. This way one can get a quick and painless bowel movement. Supplements that come in the form of powders, liquids, and capsule that are taken three times in a day.

If you think your hemorrhoids are not much serious, there is no loss in trying the home remedies. Otherwise, seek doctor’s assistance before it is late.

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